Nov 16, 2023

Supercharged Deal Origination with BizCrunch

Deal origination, especially off-market deal origination in the small cap private equity space, is laborious. To say the least. Uncovering potential targets is a process that requires extensive research, outreach and often a dose of serendipity. You can spend hours sifting through databases, and comparing information across a plethora of websites to find potential contacts… before a lengthy outreach process begins! It’s a painstaking process, involving multiple touch points, each with their own ongoing subscription or upfront cost. 

Not only is this traditionally slow, manual and expensive, it’s also likely to lead to missed opportunities. Given the dynamic nature of the market, a slow discovery process can mean losing out on potential deals to quicker competitors. You’re also, more often than not, wasting time on outreach to companies that aren’t completely relevant to you. With big gaps in the available data, many of us have opted to play the numbers game. Send lots of letters and emails, have lots of conversations, and hopefully you’ll find a golden nugget amidst the pan of sand. 

In essence, the traditional deal origination process, despite its depth, lacks the speed and efficiency required in today's fast-paced business environment. This gap is where modern, technology-driven solutions like BizCrunch can make a significant impact, offering more streamlined and effective methods for identifying M&A targets. Getting you to conversation, and close, faster. 

Find High-Potential Companies in Seconds

BizCrunch integrates advanced algorithms, real-time updates, powerful filtering and accurate contact data inside a user-friendly interface. A modern solution to an age-old problem. This approach enables private equity professionals to access a wealth of information at their fingertips. Significantly reducing the time and effort required to identify and outreach to potential M&A targets.

The platform's technology does not just aggregate data; it intelligently analyses and presents it in a way that is both accessible and actionable. Accurate revenue estimation algorithms allow you to search and find companies in the sub £10m revenue range, where turnover is not reported. With these powerful search features, users can quickly filter through numerous potential targets based on their own specific criteria.

Accelerate Your Outreach

Letters and emails are the two primary mediums for initial outreach. Most M&A professionals will use one, the other, or a combination of both. If you’re a letter-sender, you will know too-well the tedium of formatting spreadsheets for mail merge. As well as the pain of spending £1 per letter, knowing that only 1 in 20 recipients will likely respond. That’s if you’re lucky!

BizCrunch simplifies email outreach with mail merge-ready exports. One tab of your export spreadsheet is pre-formatted to seamlessly integrate with most major mail merge tools (like ClickSend). Allowing for personalised, targeted communications at scale. No more manual data entry; just a streamlined process that saves time and enhances accuracy. The inclusion of trading addresses and majority shareholder names also increase the likelihood of your letter being read. Rather than ending up in a paper bin at a registered address, or accountants office. Plus, the powerful filtering you did during the search, means you’ll be sending far fewer wasted letters. Saving both time and money. Who doesn’t love that? 

Emails are cheaper to send, but not cheaper to find. Most of us that prefer emails will be using one or more email-finding tools, each with their own subscription cost. You will also need a process for uploading your M&A search data to an email finder, sifting through the results, verifying and then sending. BizCrunch provides direct emails to majority shareholders, right in the export. These emails have already been validated by a third-party verification system. No more cross-referencing and verification. No need for any additional subscriptions. Simply export your search and start sending!

In summary, BizCrunch is more than just a deal origination platform; it's a catalyst for accelerated M&A success. Our users don't just find targets; they engage them swiftly, fostering relationships that lead to faster deal closures. The platform empowers professionals to make informed decisions faster, stay ahead of the competition and capitalise on opportunities. As the M&A world continues to evolve, BizCrunch is leading the charge. Proving that in the high-stakes game of mergers and acquisitions, having the right tools is half the battle won.

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